Is there a charge for delivery?

No. Never. All of our veg boxes are delivered FREE of charge, that’s guaranteed.

Is there a Minimum Order amount?

Our £8 standard VegBox is the most cost effective way to get your fresh vegetables delivered to your home and is the minimum order you can make. You’ll still benefit from free delivery.

How can I pay for my order?

You can either pay by Cash (if you’ll be in to accept delivery), or pre-pay by Faster Payments / BACS Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit card.

Can I choose what day I’ll get delivery?

Yes, absolutely. You’re not restricted to any certain day. You can select any day for free delivery, Tuesday to Friday. However, We recommend OrganicBox deliveries take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only to guarantee the produce is at its freshest when it arrives to you.

Why can’t I choose what time I’ll receive my delivery?

We try to group deliveries into areas so as to minimise our road miles and Carbon footprint. We usually aim to deliver in the mornings or early afternoon on the day you select. Don’t worry, we’ll contact you the day prior to your delivery to arrange a time that’s most suitable.

Do I need to be in to receive a delivery?

No. As long as you specify an agreed Safe-Place for us to leave your delivery and the order id pre-paid we’re happy to do that. We’ll make sure that boxes are covered and well hidden from view. Just remember to leave a note to let us know where on your order.

Do you take back the old boxes?

Absolutely! We aim to recycle as much as possible, and can reuse the cardboard boxes if they’re in good shape. Woods Egg farm takes back the used Egg Cartons, and we can always re-use the berry punnets so feel free to return those aswell.

Do you use plastic to cover the produce?

No. We buy as much of our produce loose and unpackaged as we can. We guarantee to never add any plastics to your boxes and are now 100% plastic free. The only thing we currently deliver in plastic containers is our Organic Milk.

Can I ask for Zero Packaging in my Box?

Yes, absolutely. There’s not many of our fresh items that have packaging, only things such as salad leaves etc but we’re happy to supply everything loose in your box if you’re happy with that. Just leave us a note in the ‘Order Notes’ section saying “Zero Packaging”.