We are a small Family business based on Shooters Hill in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, where we all have lived for over 35 years, and are very proud of the culture, diversity and vibrancy that Greenwich borough has to offer it’s residents. The VeryGreen Grocer has been organically created, with huge input from the whole family. We started with just a simple idea and have built the business together, rather than employing professionals to do it. Our goal is to make ‘Shopping Locally’ as easy and affordable as possible, and to support fellow local businesses and producers as much as we can.

Mike (Senior) has been involved in catering for over 40 years. Having attended Lewisham College, he entered the industry at the Royal College of Surgeons in Central London. This enabled him to work in all sections of the kitchen, and gave him an excellent knowledge of classic food preparation and the ingredients involved. Having worked with many top class chefs from various countries and cultures, he collected numerous recipes and tips from them to create innovative and healthy dishes.

Armed with this knowledge and passion for food, The VeryGreen Grocer was formed in 2010 with the idea of supplying local Greenwich residents and businesses with the best produce available from the First VeryGreen Van, the ‘Shop on Wheels’ and wherever possible bought from local Kentish Farms to support the Farmers and provide locals with the opportunity to sample some of the amazing produce that is grown only a few miles from where we all live.

Demand grew for a local box delivery scheme and so the first VeryGreen VegBox was born. Initially, just a simple £8 Seasonal Box of vegetables was available until 2014, when the first VeryGreen FruitBox was available, offering a great value way of getting your 5-a-Day delivered to your doorstep for just £10. Then in 2015, we introduced the MixedBox which was ideal for those who wanted a smaller, more manageable mix of fresh Fruit & Vegetables delivered. In 2016, with the introduction of Mike Junior, we also started a bespoke wholesale delivery service, supplying some of our borough’s finest establishments with our VeryGreen produce. In 2017 our new BespokeBox  was introduced, a box that is fully tailored to you, by you, enabling any of our products to be delivered to your doorstep with or without Fruit & Veg. In 2018 we also introduced the OrganicBox, offering the best certified Organic produce we can find.

Almost 10 years in and were still a small family run business. You’ll only ever see Mike Junior or Mike Senior delivering at your door, Mike Senior’s wife Barbara helps out where she can at evenings and weekends and Mike Juniors partner Simone works tirelessly at TVGG/HQ quality checking and packing up our beautiful boxes for delivery from the early hours every single morning. What’s great is that now we have the time and ability to supply more of our customers, our VeryGreen Family, with our fabulous boxes. Keep an eye out for SE18 VEG (pictured right) or SE10 VEG on the roads. By visiting New Covent Garden Market every single day that we trade, and local kentish farms when seasonal produce is available, we believe we can deliver a vast range of the freshest and best quality produce available in London, which is always delivered free of charge, as we only deliver in our local area.

We’ve also made some great friends along the way, many of whom are producers of fantastic local products which you can also have delivered as add-on’s to your box deliveries. We are now no-longer just a mobile Green Grocer, but have become a means for locally made produce in our area to get to our VeryGreen Family, by easily being able to order and pay online and schedule deliveries that suit you. Our aim is to make ‘shopping locally‘ as easy and affordable as possible, as well as supporting local businesses and producers, because together we can all help each other to survive in these tough economic times. 

We also remain dedicated to being as environmentally friendly, or ‘Green‘ as possible. We don’t use any plastic carrier bags, only brown paper ones for items that need to be bagged and we recycle our old boxes too wherever possible. We use minimal packaging in our boxes, avoiding all plastics. The only thing we deliver in any kind of container will be the milk. By supplying as much Seasonal Kentish and English produce as possible we also try to keep food miles at a minimum.


Thanks for taking the time to read our VeryGreen story and we look forward to you becoming part of the VeryGreen Family.