Lucky Dip

Our NEW Lucky Dip feature gives you the opportunity to order a completely random selection of Fruit or Vegetables, or to choose some specific items but then have the rest made up with a surprise choice by us.
Use the ‘Lucky Dip‘ selection to count for as many of your 8 standard choices as you like. If you ONLY select ‘Lucky Dip‘, we will choose ALL 8 Items for you. If you choose 5 items for example and also ‘Lucky Dip‘, we will choose the extra 3. You choose 6 & ‘Lucky Dip‘, we choose 2 etc.
Please note, if LESS than 8 items are highlighted in the ‘Choose 8 standard Veg for £8‘ menu but ‘Lucky Dip‘ is NOT selected, you will receive extra quantities of the items checked to make the value of the box up to £8. To receive double-amounts of the same Vegetables within the 8-item box simply highlight the products you’d like then notify us specifically which items you’d like double-amounts for in the ‘Order Notes‘ section when you checkout. 
We reserve the right to make substitutions based on availability or quality. In this instance you will be offered alternatives prior to delivery.