Mojo Moon Hot Sauce

Based off a Canary Island hot sauce called mojo pićon, Mojo Moon has a delicately smoky and sweet flavour.

On the islands, Canarians use this sauce on almost everything and you’ll want to as well. It has a light, spicy kick that sneaks up on you and it compliments a wide range of dishes.

Use it as a condiment, pour-over sauce, dip or marinade.

Organic Milk

Organic Milk available in Whole, Skimmed or Semi-Skimmed varieties


1 Litre (2 Pint) £1.50

2 Litre (4 Pint) £2.00


Blue Stilton

Clawson’s English Blue Stilton




Mature Cheddar

Quicke’s Clothbound Mature English Cheddar




Sourdough Snake

A rustic bendy baton. Created in the early days of BBB when the long loaves made wouldn’t fit in the oven, these are a great favourite of the kids. Made with Shipton Mill untreated white organic flour, Water & Rock salt.



Wholemeal Sourdough

Contains all the goodness of whole grains and packed full of flavour. This is a wholesome wholemeal the whole family will love.



White Sourdough

A delicious everyday white loaf made with Shipton Mill untreated organic flour. The flavour is subtle and even sourdough sceptics love this bread.



Pear Juice

The sweet and juicy Conference pear, the mellow earthy Comice and the vanilla noted Concorde are hand-picked and blended together to produce a mouth-watering mixture.




Apple Juice

Crisp and juicy award winning Cox apples are hand-picked and pressed to produce this deliciously refreshing and quintessentially English drink.






Scullery Moon Hot Sauce

Scullery Moon has a rich, fruity flavour and a subtle spiciness that creeps up on you – it’s the perfect accompaniment for almost any meal. 
We smoke Dutch peppers over a mix of Apple & Cherry wood, before blending them with garlic, molasses, agave syrup, smoked paprika and cayenne. 
You’ll want to use it on everything from salads to summer barbecues.



Full Moon Hot Sauce

Inspired by the ancient Mayan practice of drinking cocoa mixed with chilli peppers, Full Moon is blended from Apple & Cherry wood smoked scotch bonnets, with plenty of raw cacao, maple syrup and a touch of garlic and cayenne. 
We call it Full Moon; the Mayans called it Xocolatl – “Food of the Gods”. One taste and you’ll see why.